Sir, Happy first Sunday to you and the family. I am very humble with your reply. I returned all the glory to God for his grace upon my life and ministries. From my teenage years and now in my 50's.Evangelism is not only our calling but a passion and lifestyle.We have just completed the 7th outreaches of the season. We distributed over 2300 Christian litratures and ministred salvation and distributed gifts to a total of 1550. "God's work done in God way will not lack God's supply" Mission work is capital intensive in Liberia.We are currently developing children and Youth camp ground.The chapel hall is now at roofing to pay staff, pay bills and to conduct mission programs at times can be difficult .We raise our supports among our workers. No cooperate bodies or oversea supports. Please pray for us and the work of missions in Liberia and Africa as a whole . We are praying for you also.
The field is ripe over here but the labourers and the resources are few.
I may not be able to attend the Change conference in the USA unless God raise a sponsor for me. Don't forget to respond to my requests.1.Kindly forward my PhD diploma to me again. The one you send to me last year was deleted along side with other vital documents permanently by an unknown person. (2.)I want to have a proper record with USCU .kindly give me a new number to help me continue my Doctor of ministry.
I hope my letter is not bothering you too much. Thank you sir for being listening and patience father to many of us.
From Rev Dr James Kayode Laba (missionary in Liberia )

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