Faniyi Oluwashinaayo Paul PhD, Nigeria ... 

Disobedience is not a sin in itself. Should disobeying your boss for a one night stand with him or her a sin?

 Should disobeying your mum's request or that of your friends to flaunt your assets for sugar daddies a sin? 

How is it a sin when you speak the plain and punished for it? This although is commendable before God. 

However, disobedience becomes a sin when you obey the voice of men over that of God. Obeying God is alwas the right thing. It is not a choice. 

Obedience is not works in the operation of salvation. It is one of the evidence of salvation and sign of walkingin Spirit.

 Those who are saved are practically obedient. They are compelled by love and not by law. The law describe, but the gospel prescribe. 

Salvation is freedom from depravity and corruption, and the gospel is a power to say no to walking in the flesh and trembling in fear. 

Those saved are without freewill because freewill gives a choice of options. Believers with choice are hardly saved nor do they understand they have been bought with a heavy price. 

Disobedience is simply an act of rebellion and a practice of witchcraft. The elect are led by the Spirit, and thesheep fear and obey the voice of their shepherd. 

Choosing to obey men above God is rebellion. It is stupidly audacious and a sign one is not acting or walking n Spirit. The Spirit gives power not timidity. 

Acts 4:19 NIV: 

But Peter and John replied, “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! 

Sin crept into man because Adam obeyed the voice of his wife over that of God and Eve obeyed the voice of the Serpent over that of God and Adam[being the head of the home]. 

The tree of knowledge surgically replaced the willful heart of Man to a pliant heart. By nature man will always chose to disobey and exhibit actions of corruption. 

But a new heart and spirit is what has been given us through faith. Faith is evident in action, and action is the fruits of the Spirit which differentiate those of the light from darkness. 

When you obey your husband and disobey God, and you've just made yourself an enemy of God. Does not Christ demand you love him more than anybody?

 When you obey God and disobey your husband, you've just made yourself enemy of your home. When you find a way to obey God and your husband, you've just proved yourself to be a wise woman.

 When you know what is right and submit yourself to ignorance, you've just rejected understanding.

 And if,

 Job 28:28 NIV:

 ............, “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.”

 Therefore, wisdom is the understanding of knowledge and to have understanding is wisdom.

 Now, what do we call those who shun good works( since it is inseparable from saving faith)? It means they lack or reject understanding.

 Invariably, a man that lacks understanding is bound to perish because he rejected wisdom. He that reject wisdom rejects God.

 When you know what is right and fail to do it, it is an act of disobedience. Then, disobedience becomes a sin because you reject wisdom.

 James 4:17 NIV: