My First Encounter with a person with the Holy Spirit happened In France when I was 7 - 8 year old.  My Sunday School Teacher was overjoyed and it showed in her personality and I was able to understand having Christ in my life was a good thing. The Bible Teaches us that to accept Christ we should think as a child (paraphrased) and on FAITH alone we accept Him in our hearts, mind, AND souls but not by works alone LEST WE BOAST about doing it.

   As an adult I strive to stay on the path that Christ straightens for me and I am  to focus ONLY on Him for my deliverance from certain death in Hell where there is no HOPE!
   My soul rejoiced when he carries me over blocks that only He, Christ can negotiate for I am a work in progress.  The sooner I am able to accept that in my heart and mind the easier it becomes to cement my  relationship to Him who created and guides me from the Alpha (beginning) to the Omega (The Ending.)

   The journey begins from the depths of the Earth where I was a lost lamb being found by my Shepard and dear friend my Holy Brother Jesus, of Nazareth in Judea (Israel)  He was delivered at the time of the star of David appearing over Bethlehem. This is what I truly and firmly believe.

   Eventually the path we're on, Jesus and myself, will lead to the pinnacle of the second mountain where I will see my Lord and Maker and He will see me as an unblemished lamb.