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1 CORINTHIANS that can help witness someone into Salvation,  

1)    1 Corinthians 3:16 Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in your midst? 

2)    This biblical scripture makes us to understand the love God has for us, and that our body is his temple and his spirit always duels in our midst for those who believes in him only and have given up their life to Christ for their salvation.

3)    Christ represent the church the spirit of God duels in us with an unconditional love for those who are ready to repent and give their lives to Christ for their salvation and eternal life.


MY name is sam David Jebaraj,born in a small village called Jacobpuram,situated in southern part of tamil nadu,in,India. My parents were teachers and they also involved in church ministry,evangelism and social srvice. we belong to christian community,and we are the member of church of south india, in tirunelveli diocese Tamilnadu. I studied in my village school,run by our church,T.D .T.A. Middle school. Then i went to high school,5 miles away from my village. There was no bus specility and thus i used to go by walk to school and return from school. As i was born in a very faithful christian family i involvedin the church ministry ,evangelism, and social work with my parents. I rugularly participate in allthe church services,church choier,sunday school, vecation bible school,street preaching and other church related activities.
when i was going to school i had a chance of having friendship with many other religion students ,who came to school withme by walk. At that time the Hoiy Sprite enable me to tell about JESUS CHRIST,by the way of telling out the life and birth of jesus,barables and miracles to them. In order to tell them about Jesus ,i studied Bible more and more and evantually that leads me to a born again life .  When i was doing my B.SC[BACHELOR OF SCIENCE]I was knockdown with sever fever and chest pain.And i was hopitalised more than one month.Also the fear of death came in to my mind.  BUT i cried to the Lord as toid in psalm.142;1,2.'I CRY ALOUD TO THE LORD;I LIFT UP MY VOICE TO THE LORD FOR MERCY.I POUR OUTMY COMPLAINT BEFORE HIM;BEFORE HIMI TELL MY TROUBLE.  After a 10 hours of time God cured me completly from the death bead.PRAISE TO GOD.  As David praise the Lord i also praise the Lord''I WILL EXALT YOU, MY GOD THE KING;I WILL PRAISE YOUR NAME FOR EVER AND EVER. EVERY DAY I WILL PRAISE YOU AND EXTOL YOUR NAME FOR EVER AND EVER,[PSALM145;1,2]  After i have completed my degree ,i submitted my whole life to Christ and accept him as my personal saviour.  Also i received forgiveness and the annoitation of Holy Sprite.
Then i committed my life for ministry and joined in a theological seminary and compleated that 4 years of studies.  GOD enable me to do the evangelism through radio, those days there was no television in india,people have only radio in their homes.  I have produced many christian evangelical programmes,songs,dramas, and personally bring the word of God specially for the non-christian.
Eventually God raised me to the level of Asst.Director of FEBA RADIO INDIA,and gave me the opprotunity to spread the Gospel all over india  The television era started,so i had my training in television programmes in England,then came back to india and started spreading the Gospei through evangelism.
i have 37 years of experience in the LORD MINISTRY and for the last 13 years i have been training missionaries for evangelism in and out of india.  I got married in the year 1987,my wife is also doing ministry with me,and blessed with a son.  GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD,FOR HE IS GOOD;HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER, AMEN 

Isaac Jebaraj