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My life was perfect!        I held degrees from the City University of New York and the Blackstone School of Law; I lived in a $630,000 house in the wealthiest section of Houston, Texas and was a leader in the fast moving computer industry, but there was somethlng was missing in my life that 4 children and a beautiful wife could not fill.

Then, in 1971, at age 37, the stock market crashed and I lost 71/2 million dollars in one day, plus I gained 2 new friends: the IRS & SEC.

I was desperate.   The SEC wanted to send me to prison for stock fraud, and the IRS wanted my house, cars, and bank accounts.  I was desperate!  I started attending First Baptist Church in Houston where the pastor loved Jesus and I learned to love, honor, and obey Jesus Christ as ny Lord and Savior.  My life completely changed.  The SEC said that I was honest , but stupid and the the IRS took my house and $25,000.  First Baptist Church ordained me to the ministry  and I enrolled in the Seminary in Fort Worth and became a Baptist preacher.

Jesus is wonderful!